How to Establish your Real Estate Investment Goals

Ketan Patel , Dec 15, 2017

Ask seasoned real estate investors about the keys to success, and chances are you will hear about planning, thoughtfulness, and real estate investment goals. It may be tempting to follow your impulse and grab the first attractive deal that comes along, but it makes more sense to determine if that property fits your long-term plan. Successful investors are honest about how much risk they are willing to take, develop a...

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5 Key Elements of The Time Value of Money in Real Estate Investing

Ketan Patel , Dec 10, 2017

If you want to be a successful commercial real estate investing, in-depth knowledge of the time value of money (TVM) is crucial. To understand the concept, let’s consider which is better, $10,000 now or $15,000 ten years from now. If someone offered to give you $10,000 today or $15,000 in ten years, what would you do? You would take the money now, of course! When you make that decision, your...

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