4 Hot Trends Affecting Real Estate

Ketan Patel , Feb 19, 2018

As home prices continue to rise in many markets, the dream of homeownership may be out of reach for some would-be home buyers. Suburbs on the outskirts of booming cities represent a key investment opportunity for rental property. Millennials remain the strongest demographic of renters, and Gen Z, born after 1995 are now making the rental market to the rental market. Baby boomers entering their senior years are expected to...

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Buy & Hold or Fix & Flip ?

Ketan Patel , Feb 16, 2018

Real estate investors are often torn between two strategies, fix and flip or buy and hold. Some renovate a property and sell it for a quick profit, and others hold on to an asset and rent it out for monthly cash flow from tenants. So which investment strategy is better? The Fix and Flip Strategy  If you are looking for a quick profit, you can seek out undervalued property requiring...

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Understanding How the 1031 Exchange Works

Ketan Patel , Feb 14, 2018

Tax savings are a major advantage of real estate investing, and the 1031 Exchange works can save you thousands. According to the IRS, you can postpone paying capital gains tax when you sell a property and reinvest the profits in a like-kind property of equal or greater value. Selling and buying a replacement property “must be mutually dependent parts of an integrated transaction,” so hire an attorney to structure the...

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3 Steps to Perform Due Diligence on A Property

Ketan Patel , Feb 12, 2018

Due diligence is critical when you are deciding whether to buy an investment property or not. Doing your homework properly can help you avoid unpleasant surprises and minimize your investment risk. After a quick analysis to determine if the property is worth pursuing, in-depth due diligence is a must. Performing due diligence means taking the time to learn about the local real estate market, hiring a professional to inspect the...

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5 Smart Tips to Limit your Risk

Ketan Patel , Feb 09, 2018

You decided to become a passive real estate investor to take advantage of attractive returns compared to other investment instruments. Now it is time to mitigate your risk and protect your assets as you start to reap the benefits of a steady cash flow and appreciation. An attorney can help you make the right choices for your real estate investment business and shield your assets. Here are some things to...

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Pros and Cons of Debt vs Equity Investment

Ketan Patel , Feb 07, 2018

Changing laws have led to an explosion of investments in real estate. The 2012 JOBS Act relaxed strict SEC regulatory requirements for raising capital, benefiting real estate crowdfunding. Now non-accredited investors can participate in real estate crowdfunding deals along with investors who are accredited. As a real estate investor, you can make the choice between debt investments and equity investments. So the question is, which type of real estate investment...

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5 Key Numbers to Know for Any Kind of Real Estate Investment

Ketan Patel , Feb 05, 2018

Real estate investors know that real estate is a numbers game. To find a successful investment you have to be able to analyze the investment property using some key metrics. We will be discussing the key metrics below. Using the following formulas can give you a high-level overview to determine if you want to move the property to the second round of analysis. That way you can analyze more deals...

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Should You Hire A Professional Property Manager?

Ketan Patel , Jan 30, 2018

Hiring a property manager makes sense for real estate investors who don’t have the time for hands-on management of their multi-family rental units. Property managers can do everything from setting rent rates and finding good tenants to handling maintenance, repairs, and evictions. If you are new to real estate investing or if you live far away from your rental properties, hiring a property manager can be a good idea. If...

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3 Steps to Brand your Apartment Building

Ketan Patel , Jan 25, 2018

Although not all apartment communities have a brand, branding can help your marketing efforts and provide the property with an identity. Strong branding can differentiate your building, position it in the marketplace and create an appealing image to make it desirable to renters. Value add and opportunistic investors who buy properties in need of improvement find that rebranding is a crucial step in developing a successful investment.   What is...

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4 Steps to Analyze a Real Estate Deal in 15 Minutes

Ketan Patel , Jan 18, 2018

If you want to be a successful real estate investor, you have to find the right deals. You don't want to spend a lot of time analyzing every real estate deal presented to you. Instead, you can analyze a deal quickly with a high-level overview to see if it meets your investment criteria. If so, you can then move it to the second round of analysis. This way you can...

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