Learn How You Can Participate in the Next Syndication

Investing in a syndication with Mukhi Capital offers a truly passive real estate venture. Your investment gives you access to your share of the monthly cash flow during ownership and participation in the capital gains at the time of the sale or refinance. The professional team at Mukhi Capital, manages the entire process of buying, operating, and exiting all our real estate deals.

How a Real Estate Syndicated Deal Works?

Syndication is used in real estate to purchase large commercial assets that would be difficult for one organization or investor to purchase independently. The process allows, qualified investors like you to participate in larger real estate transactions, which could not be financed individually.

Each syndication involves a sponsor along with two or more investors and a partner lending institution, to buy real estate property as a single entity. The sponsor, Mukhi Capital, handles all matters of the investment. Duties include: identifying a potential investment, negotiating the contract and loan terms, managing day to day operations, cash flow payouts to investors, and arranging for the sale or refinance of the property based on the established exit strategy.

How a Real Estate Syndicated Deal Works?
Spread investment risk across multiple investors
Allows qualified investors to participate in larger real estate purchases
Sponsor has a high level of expertise lowering overall project risk
Sponsor completes most of the work, creating a passive investment

How Often Do Opportunities Arise?

Mukhi Capital seeks to fund multiple real estate transactions each calendar year through syndication. The frequency depends on access to properties that meet the company’s strict guidelines. We seek to secure real estate with potential upside appreciation and strong cash flow, through streamlined operations, property improvements, and rebranding.

Buying real estate through syndication requires partnering with the right investors, finding the right property at the right price, and securing financing.

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