Ketan Patel

Founder and CEO

Ketan Patel, the pharmacist, turned real estate investor, specializes in identifying and acquiring undervalued multi-family properties in emerging markets throughout the US. Based in Boston, he has done over a dozen syndicated deals and controls a portfolio of $40million. Initially choosing to become a pharmacist, Ketan earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy (MCPHS) through the accelerated program.

Despite his success in pharmacy, he fed his growing interest in real estate through study and small investment projects that taught him the ins and outs of the real estate market. He built a multi-million dollar rental portfolio by starting with an $8k loan from his 401(k) account.

Today, Ketan is the CEO of Mukhi Capital, with a reputation for having keen insight into the selection of profitable properties and finding unique solutions to the challenges presented by multi-family real estate investments. He is also a High-Performance Real Estate Coach: