A New Approach to Syndicated Real Estate Investing

The Mukhi name is a title given to the leader of a village in Western India, prior to India’s Declaration of Independence from the British in 1947. Founder, Ketan Patel’s great-grandfather, Ambalal Patel, held the Mukhi title and served as the Sarpanch of his village for over 30 years. As the elected head of the village, he was able to unite 42 villages in the local community. He fought to bring a railway station and held a pioneering role in an organization that empowered and educated women.

Following in his great grandfather’s footsteps of leadership and innovation, Ketan Patel, immigrated to the US at the age of 19, learned English, and completed an accelerated program to obtain his doctorate in Pharmacy at Mass. College of Pharmacy (MCPHS).

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Growing up in a developing country, resulted in a powerful drive for success, the willingness to try until he succeeds, and a thought process that always stretches the boundaries of the known to find solutions to the unknown.

As a teenager, in the small village of  Kalol, India, Ketan nurtured his insatiable curiosity and independent spirit. With no library in his town or even at his school, he took the initiative to travel by bus to the next city to feed his desire to learn. The family was planning to immigrate to the US, so he began reading books and newspapers in English and studied a variety of subjects including science and psychology. His motivation paid off because when he arrived in Boston, he had a basic handle on English and had no trouble adjusting to the cultural differences between his homeland and his new country.

Ketan’s first exposure to real estate investing involved two friends and the purchase of a single-family home. The three agreed to work as equal partners, but when complications arose, it was Ketan who stepped up and addressed maintenance and tenant issues to keep the property profitable. The decision to self-manage the property lead to hands-on experience on how to identify a property that will cash-flow, finding quality tenants, and, in his case, how to use the legal system to evict a non-paying renter. The school of experience taught him what not to do. It also drove him to study not only single-family real estate investing, but how to put effective processes in place which, optimize multi-family real estate investment profits.

Even with his experience and education as a pharmacist, Ketan’s passion for real estate continued to grow. He decided it was time to redirect his career in real estate investing full-time, and established Mukhi Capital in honour  of  the principles and values of his heritage.

Today he orchestrates syndicated real estate investment opportunities that provide passive income for investors seeking a balance between safety and growth. He uses his love for learning and his creative and innovative strategies to structure profitable deals, which create a win-win for everyone involved. He is also a real estate & transformation coach : KetanPatel.com

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