Unleash the Marketing Power of your Unique Selling Position

Ketan Patel , Mar 05, 2018

Attracting good tenants who will stay on is a vital aspect of real estate investment as it will keep the vacancy low and turnover costs down. When you develop a cohesive rental community, your residents often pitch in and help you find like-minded renters in the future. Capitalizing on your Unique Selling Position or USP can help you brand your apartment building, explain why it is different from the competition...

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4 Key Factors to Conduct Market Research

Ketan Patel , Mar 02, 2018

Careful analysis of the market can give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect from an investment property. We will discuss the 4 Key Factors that will make up the bulk of Market Research. 1. Demographics Demographics show the composition of the population and can predict real estate demand in a particular area. Age, gender, migration patterns, and income all play a part. Analyzing demographics can explain...

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The Key to Predicting Demand for Real Estate : Employment

Ketan Patel , Feb 28, 2018

Supply and demand determine the price of real estate, just as it does for everything else. But what determines demand? It would be wonderful to have a crystal ball to forecast demand for industrial and residential real estate in order to evaluate investment opportunities. While no one knows for sure what the future holds, successful real estate investors know that employment is the number one factor driving real estate demand....

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The Real Lowdown on Leverage

Ketan Patel , Feb 26, 2018

You have probably heard about real estate investors who use leverage to purchase an investment property. This technique involves putting up a small amount of your own capital relative to the price and using the bank or another source of financing for the rest. Some investors swear by this technique, but is using leverage for financing your investment really a good idea? Leverage vs Loan-to-Value Ratio The leverage on your...

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5 Easy Ways to Keep your Tenants Happy

Ketan Patel , Feb 23, 2018

Now that you are a successful investor with a multifamily property and a community of good tenants, you may wonder how to keep them happy. Good tenants are respectful of your property, follow the rules and pay their rent on time. So how can you encourage them to stay on so you don’t risk vacancies and incur expenses associated with finding new tenants who may not live up to the...

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6 Ways to Find an Off-Market Deal

Ketan Patel , Feb 21, 2018

Most investors find a property by working with a real estate agent and buying a commercial property listed on the MLS, the Multiple Listing Service. Sellers market their property through their agent, and potential buyers like you make an offer. For investors, competition for the same asset can lead to bidding ware if multiple buyers are interested in the same building. We will discuss the advantages of buying an off-market...

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4 Hot Trends Affecting Real Estate

Ketan Patel , Feb 19, 2018

As home prices continue to rise in many markets, the dream of homeownership may be out of reach for some would-be home buyers. Suburbs on the outskirts of booming cities represent a key investment opportunity for rental property. Millennials remain the strongest demographic of renters, and Gen Z, born after 1995 are now making the rental market to the rental market. Baby boomers entering their senior years are expected to...

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Buy & Hold or Fix & Flip ?

Ketan Patel , Feb 16, 2018

Real estate investors are often torn between two strategies, fix and flip or buy and hold. Some renovate a property and sell it for a quick profit, and others hold on to an asset and rent it out for monthly cash flow from tenants. So which investment strategy is better? The Fix and Flip Strategy  If you are looking for a quick profit, you can seek out undervalued property requiring...

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Understanding How the 1031 Exchange Works

Ketan Patel , Feb 14, 2018

Tax savings are a major advantage of real estate investing, and the 1031 Exchange works can save you thousands. According to the IRS, you can postpone paying capital gains tax when you sell a property and reinvest the profits in a like-kind property of equal or greater value. Selling and buying a replacement property “must be mutually dependent parts of an integrated transaction,” so hire an attorney to structure the...

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3 Steps to Perform Due Diligence on A Property

Ketan Patel , Feb 12, 2018

Due diligence is critical when you are deciding whether to buy an investment property or not. Doing your homework properly can help you avoid unpleasant surprises and minimize your investment risk. After a quick analysis to determine if the property is worth pursuing, in-depth due diligence is a must. Performing due diligence means taking the time to learn about the local real estate market, hiring a professional to inspect the...

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